Hey there, i’m em!

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 for people who
               of preserving their
      precious life moments.

believe in the


 for people who believe in the magic of preserving their
precious life moments.

The next day My husband and I left for our road trippin’ honeymoon and on the way I purchased my first professional camera.

“These are the moments I want to document


When I looked around the room that was filled with all the people I love, I thought to myself ...

But It really started after my own wedding

PS- If you have a dog, I already love them.

Now I live in Massachusetts with my husband Colin & 2 pups.

and here we are today.


Lets do this your way.

Whether you’re intimately saying vows in front of 10 of your family and friends, or partying it up on the dance floor surrounded by 300 guests, I'm here for it.

Whether you’re sparking a joint in your wedding attire or enjoying the more traditional side of things, Also here for it.

Really, I’m here for you.

emilie faith

Here are some of the ways I get to know the real you so I can do your story justice. 

It’s hard to tell a story without knowing the main characters.

I wanna know what makes you, you.

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Fill out my inquiry form with all the deets.

Kind of like a first date but without the jitters, okay maybe some jitters, but the good kind! This is where we virtually meet for the first time to make sure we’re a perfect fit. (I already love ya! I can tell.)

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Hop on Zoom
so we can meet

For my engaged cherubs, I recommend booking a session before your wedding so we can get to know eachother.

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Book an engagement session to meet IRL

I’ll put my heart & soul into every image I take, if you show up brave enough to be yourself.

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what’s up with all the cherubs? → 

I’m here to document your love. My middle name is Faith. It seemed pretty fitting. Also… weird fact, I collect them because I think they’re adorable. (Don’t judge me.)

Cherubs symbolize love and faith.

What’s up with all the cherubs?