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Theres something about the messy moments....

the moments that pass by too quickly, the moments you didn't know were happening. That's what I want to preserve for you. Everybody has a unique life and story to be told. My ultimate passion in life is bottling those moments up for you and delivering them in the form of a photo that will tell future generations YOUR story. 

...and that's where I come in! 

I believe that every moment is a special moment. From your wedding day to a random Sunday morning making pancakes with your soulmate.  Infusing nostalgia into moments big and small is kinda my thing...

It all started...

...When I was a teenager with a point and shoot camera. I've always been a nostalgic human so capturing moments, stories and memories just came naturally. I would take fun photos of my friends, our road trips, our parties, our silly moments and to this day I look back on those photos and smile. 
As I grew up the camera came with me. It was just a hobby until I got married and watched as my own wedding photographer was taking photos of my special day. I remember thinking to myself, "This is what I want to do. I want to capture peoples stories and human experiences and give them these memories to look back on forever..." so that's what I did. I upgraded that camera, took every free moment I had to put out model calls and after a few solid years of hard work I started Emilie Faith to tell YOUR story through imagery 


Do you post every session on your social media? 

No way! If you just want these photos for yourself book your session and I promise you’ll be the only one seeing them. I only post photos when I have permission and I never turn away anyone just because they don’t want their photo posted. 

My partner and I are awkward in front of the camera. SOS!

Don’t think of this as a photo shoot, think of this as a fun date! Or even just hanging out with a weird new friend (that’s me) I promise by the end you’ll be laughing and wondering why you were nervous. It happens every time, really...pinky promise. 

Can you help me?! I don’t know what to wear to my session!

Totally! Styling is one of my favorite things to do and I actually have a pretty rad client closet (which is a fancy way of saying I have a shopping problem and can’t stop buying cute things I want to take photos of) so feel free to ask for help.

If I want photos done but don’t have an exact idea could you help me come up with something?

One word. yes. 
Okay more than one word. HECK YES! I love coming up with creative concepts. Let’s create something cool and totally you! 

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